GA Current Activities

Green Advocates collaborates with Center For Democratic Empowerment (CEDE), Foundation for International Dignity (FIND), Liberia Democracy Watch (LDW), Foundation For Human Rights and Democracy (FOHRD), and National Human Rights Center of Liberia (NHRCL) to foster a network of activists to protect human rights, defend human rights defenders, campaign against corruption and impunity, and advocate for public policy reform, peace, justice, and public participation.

Green Advocates is working with the Bassa tribe of Grand Bassa County to profile the people, their lands, and their inheritance, to defend their ancestral title to the land, and seek compensation for past abuses.

Green Advocates is investigating the effects of cement dust particles on local residents living near a cement factory and also the effects of toxic particles emitted in a local community by Mobile Oil Corporation.

Green Advocates provides educational programs for communities, judges, and lawyers on the environmental laws of Liberia. Three training workshops have been conducted and further trainings are planned for the rural counties of Nimba and River Cess.