Fighting for Tribal Communities? Land Title

Ninety-three Bassa County residents were arrested in January 2005 for protesting a rubber company’s plans to expand the operation and take over the Bassa County residents’ traditional lands where their people had lived for more than 100 years. With loans from the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the Liberian Agricultural Company (LAC) has plans to turn more than 150,000 acres of forest into a rubber plantation.

In the 1950s, the Liberian government granted LAC a forest concession, without input or consent of the tribal communities that lived there. LAC wants the government to make good on its agreement. The tribal communities want Green Advocates to protect their land title.

The Bassa County residents protested when they received eviction notices. They were arrested and called on Green Advocates for help. Green Advocates challenged the detention and the protesters were released unconditionally. Green Advocates is now working to protect communities’ land title, claims damages, and seeks to halt LAC expansion.